When sleeping women wake mountains move

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What is FemmeQ?

Feminine Intelligence & Wisdom in Action

The feminine intelligence that exists in both women and men is now needed to face the current crises and bring a radical shift in the way we live and lead.

To shape the future that is needed in our world today we must bring into balance the masculine and the feminine. Indispensable feminine wisdom and qualities are needed now more than ever: the potency of COMPASSION, the gift of DEEP LISTENING, the brilliance of INTUITION and the warmth of INCLUSIVITY.

We bring the feminine qualities and values, marginalised for centuries to the decision-making tables in all sectors of society. Learn more…

The FemmeQ Summit

2 Exceptional Days of Feminine Intelligence in Action

Explore the mission & vision of FemmeQ in this short documentary.

March 8-9
June 26-27
Los Angeles
FemmeQ in Action – A Global Movement

In light of recent events in Europe and USA, Feminine Intelligence is needed more than ever before. We will be holding 2 Global Summits in 2018 – in London on International Women’s Day in March and Los Angeles in late June, just prior to American Independence Day.

> How to lead your private and professional life from a deeply nourishing place of the feminine

> Recognise how we have adapted to the current paradigm

> Identify the beliefs that are now constraining us

> Dissolve the patterns and begin to make the shift from force to power.

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Upcoming Events

How can each of us stand tall in our feminine authority and agency, deepening the connection to feminine intelligence to address the serious issues of the world that we can no longer ignore?

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Leading with Grace & Resilience

April 30 - May 5

42 Acres, Holt Road, Witham Friary, United Kingdom
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In Utero Screening

June 25 @ 7:00 pm Regal Cinema LA LIVE 14, 1000 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, United States
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FemmeQ Summit Los Angeles

June 26 - June 27

Hudson Loft, 1200 S Hope St, Los Angeles, United States
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The FemmeQ Webinar & Donations

The FemmeQ Webinar provides the inspiration and tools for applying feminine intelligence in your everyday life.

15 exemplary leaders from all sectors of society across all continents, are the living examples of how we can create a world that works.

People from all over the world have now purchased and watched the FemmeQ Webinar. These short 80 clips are as impactful as they are educational. You will have at your fingertips tools to inspire your community, engage your friends and apply to your leadership.

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Contributions & Donations:
Over the past three years we've invested significant time and money into this project. If you want to support us in keeping this project alive, you can also donate using the form on the left, by entering the amount you wish to contribute and then clicking on "order now".

  • There was so much intelligence in that room – it was just mind-blowing!

    Stephanie Kelly

    Coach & Author, A Quiet Revolution,

  • FemmeQ feels like a much needed software update!

    Stefan Schurig

    Director Climate Energy & Cities World Future Council, Germany

  • I regard Hetty Einzig as one of the founders of the coaching profession and have no hesitation in recommending her. She is an excellent deliverer of Transpersonal Coaching… which I regard as the top level.

    Sir John Whitmore

    Founder and Chairman of Performance Consultants International

  • After these 2 days, I am blown away, inspired and energized! Ready to change the world.

    Sue Liderth

    Head of IT - Emerging Markets at ADIDAS

The Deep Feminine Wisdom

The emergence of a new level of consciousness where the deepest instincts of the heart in both men and women – compassion, informed intelligence and a longing to protect, heal and make whole find expression in ways that may be described as devotion to all forms of life.

The Art to Listen

The innate ability to
listen with compassion and to recognize what is needed.


The inner vision that provides the intrinsic motivation to activate the deepest longing.


The ability to step out of ‘me, me, me’ and understand the feelings and needs of the ‘other’.


Go beyond ‘rank’ and regard for the powerful, to include those who have no voice or are powerless.


To further develop the innate human quality to feel for others but to take action to assist them.


The courage to take a stand and speak out calmly when a value or principle is abused at work or in the community.


Hearing the hearts guidance that comes when we can become still and stop being busy.


Replacing ‘man’s conquest of nature’ by the realization that we need to respect, safeguard and cherish the planetary life of which we are a part.