Please join us to reshape the future

Profound change arises when we are challenged to create entirely new ways of living and leading and are willing to take action.

To shape the future that is needed in our world today we must bring into balance the masculine and the feminine.  Indispensable feminine wisdom and qualities are needed now more than ever: the potency of COMPASSION, the gift of DEEP LISTENING, the brilliance of INTUITION and the warmth of INCLUSIVITY.  Marginalised for centuries they are emerging strongly again.

We invite you to join women and men around the world who are awakening these qualities within and reclaiming their authority and power to serve the greater good, to protect and honour life and shape a world which serves human flourishing and planetary regeneration.

All over the world, in all systems, we see the devastation caused by the old patriarchal system, and the global consequences that cut across societies, geographies and generations. The feminine intelligence that exists in both women and men is now needed to face the current crises and bring a radical shift in the way we live and lead.

We call this intelligence FemmeQ.

Launch of the first FemmeQ Summit

Berlin 6th & 7th of June 2016

FemmeQ presents: Rising Women Rising World

The first international FemmeQ Summit united 140 people from 15 countries who came together to understand how to validate a realistic and possible world in which the feminine principle is not only appreciated but also attains its natural place.

The 12 speakers from the global organisation Rising Women Rising World came together for the first time for this visionary summit.

These women have activated and applied feminine intelligence with great success around the world, across all sectors of society in their organisations; in business, governance, education, agriculture and the arts.

They shared with us the very real examples of how they are creating a new world in which the feminine principle is not only appreciated but transforms as it attains its natural place in everyday living and leading.

In the plenary sessions and intimate workshops, women and men learned how to embody these principles and implement new methods for transforming the current systems. We answered the important questions that people had come to address:

  • How do women and men live the feminine principles today?
  • How can we shape a society that gives equal respect and honour to the feminine and the masculine?
  • What would change if each of us awakened and fully lived our full authentic selves?

Find the answers to these and many other questions in our online version of the FemmeQ summit!

Online Summit Purchase

To view the content of the FemmeQ Online Summit – please click here to see the whole summary and all the titles of the 90 videos:

“The rise of women to full partnership with men in the whole domain of human affairs may be the most significant event of the last 5000 years.”

~ Dr. Jean Houston ~

FemmeQ Future Events

We invite you to join us in participating in, hosting or sponsoring a FemmeQ event. These events will be held in locations around the world that will nurture and nourish. We will hold honest discussions and support the courageous conversations necessary to shift the current systems, structures and beliefs that no longer serve us.

And the most important aspect of our work is answering the question:

  • How can each of us stand tall in our feminine authority and agency, deepening the connection to feminine intelligence to address the serious issues of the world that we can no longer ignore?

Our future events:

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 What is FemmeQ?

FemmeQ The Intelligence

FemmeQ is the intelligence that enables us to apply our acquired knowledge and skills to address the critical issues we face in the world today. It is the capacity that allows us to be responsible guardians of humanity and our planet. FemmeQ is the intelligence that will make possible the realisation of the 2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

FemmeQ The Wisdom

FemmeQ is the deep, ancient wisdom that exists in women and in men. A wisdom that protects life, is fair to future generations, and acts on a basis of global inter-connectedness. It is only when these feminine principles are interwoven in all structures that we can truly experience new models of regeneration, trust building and peace.

FemmeQ The Qualities

Insight – a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complex problem or situation.
Intuition – tapping into deep inner wisdom without the need for conscious reasoning.
Compassion – using inner strength to listen with our heart and respond to what is needed.
Inclusivity – acceptance that bridges the gap of difference and diversity.
Interconnectedness – the experience that enables us to protect and care for our planet and all beings.

FemmeQ The Values

FemmeQ is the indispensable value that empowers us to create compassionate dialogue, to nurture rather than destroy and regenerate rather than deplete.
The conscious activation of FEMMEQ is essential for the future of humanity. This wisdom has been marginalised for centuries and is now rising to its full expression to shape a new world.

The Deep Feminine Wisdom

The emergence of a new level of consciousness where the deepest instincts of the heart in both men and women – compassion, informed intelligence and a longing to protect, heal and make whole find expression in ways that may be described as devotion to all forms of life.

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The Art to Listen

The innate ability to listen with compassion and to recognize what is needed.
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The inner vision that provides the intrinsic motivation to activate the deepest longing.
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The ability to step out of ‘me, me, me’ and understand the feelings and needs of the ‘other’.
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Go beyond ‘rank’ and regard for the powerful, to include those who have no voice or are powerless.
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To further develop the innate human quality to feel for others but to take action to assist them.
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The courage to take a stand and speak out calmly when a value or principle is abused at work or in the community.
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Hearing the hearts guidance that comes when we can become still and stop being busy.
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Replacing ‘man’s conquest of nature’ by the realization that we need to respect, safeguard and cherish the planetary life of which we are a part.

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