Glenn Fox, PhD


Neuroscience, USC


Los Angeles


“To know better what regions [in the brain might be responsible for gratitude] is a really great first step toward understanding how we can advance and promote gratitude in the world,

PhD, University of Southern California; BA, University of California, Santa Cruz

Dr. Glenn Fox is the Head of Program Design, Strategy, and Outreach at the USC Performance Science Institute.  A neuroscientist by training, he began at USC working as a research assistant in the Brain and Creativity Institute, after which he went on to earn his PhD in the Neuroscience Graduate Program and complete a post-doctoral fellowship with Professors Hanna and Antonio Damasio.

Glenn is at the forefront of research on gratitude and human performance.  Glenn teaches “The Science of Peak Performance” during the Spring Semester, leads trainings with leaders and groups, and conducts research on mindset and physiology.