The FemmeQ Summit
Los Angeles

2 days, 18 world-changing speakers, 200 kindred spirits dedicated to making a world that works for ALL

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June 26-27, 2018


1200 S Hope St, Los Angeles





How do we guide our world into the balance it so urgently needs?


On June 26th and 27th, 200 change makers from the worlds of business, politics, nonprofits, arts, media, science, academia and activism will gather in Los Angeles to become a part of the solution.

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Gulalai Ismail

Peace Building

Deep Listening

When we apply the FQ quality of Deep Listening to the transformation of violent conflict, a civil war can be avoided, as Scilla Elworthy witnessed in South Africa--and suicide bombing can be prevented, as Gulalai Ismail discovered in NW Pakistan. We know that including a higher percentage of women negotiating peace agreements produces longer lasting results. Learn how to apply deep listening to de-escalating conflicts in your own life and work from three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy and human rights activist Gulalai Ismail.

Karen Lee Downes

Shelley Zalis

Geoff McDonald

Ted Ning

Business and Technology


When leaders embrace the quality of compassion to create a culture where the wellbeing of their people is paramount, business prospers. The corporate world has long made the false assumption that more time spent working equates to more productivity and more profits. The relentless pursuit of productivity and profit over employee wellbeing has led to growing rates of depression and burnout among American workers. Join global facilitator Karen Lee Downes, The Female Quotient CEO Shelley Zalis, health and sustainability consultant Ted Ning and Unilever's former Global VP of Human Resources, Geoff McDonald, to learn how to apply compassion and bring heart back to business to implement more humane, purposeful policies that help workers flourish.

Darshita Gillies

Sabra Williams

Governance & Politics


When we apply the FQ quality of inclusivity to governance and policy making, we get tangible results - we achieve a more equitable culture for the benefit of all, as in Angela Merkel’s refugee policy resulting in a million refugees integrated into German society. In 2004, Rwanda became the first country to elect more than 50% female members of parliament, where they immediately banished archaic patriarchal laws preventing women from owning land and passed a monumental bill to prevent gender-based violence. Join organizational leadership facilitator Darshita Gillies and restorative justice advocate Sabra Williams to discover how to apply inclusivity to ensure that the voiceless have a say in the direction of society.

Alexandra Feldner

Kathleen Man Gyllenhaal

Stephen Gyllenhaal

Kathy Eldon



Extreme, graphic violence in films and video games perpetuates the acceptance of physical and emotional abuse in our societies. When we apply the FQ quality of Integrity we see films that evoke a more humane and interconnected future. This in turn can inspire us to take action in our communities. Join filmmakers Kathleen Man Gyllenhaal and Stephen Gyllenhaal, Kathy Eldon and FemmeQ Founder Alexandra Feldner to discuss the profound impact Integrity can have in the stories we create on-screen--and in turn the stories we create in the world.

Glenn Fox, PhD

Lauren Rinkey



There is a limitation to rigid rational logic. When we allow space for the wisdom of Intuition in the fields of Science and Academia, we expand the potential of our full human intelligence to solve some of the world's greatest unanswered questions. Join neuroscience and performance science professor, Dr. Glenn Fox and leadership scholar and author to explore the insights only intuition can bring in our journeys to understanding our world and ourselves. He will talk to Lauren who has been an Adjunct Professor at USC Marshall School of Business where she co-leads the largest course at the school, Taking The Leap: The Entrepreneurial Mindset.

Alexandra Feldner

Ian Mackenzie

Robert Schwenkler

Suzanne Anderson

HommeQ & FemmeQ

Balancing the masculine with the feminine

The ways we currently approach issues such as climate change, social inclusion, mental health and conflict, to just name a few, are stuck in old-world patriarchal thinking. Understanding the importance of feminine qualities is critical if we are to move away from this mindset to change the destructive path we are on. But what will it take for us—-especially men-- to overcome the stigma of embracing and applying feminine intelligence? And how can we incorporate productive masculine qualities while still being authentic to our purpose as changemakers? Join healer and men's leadership facilitator Robert Schwenkler, multimedia storyteller Ian MacKenzie and FemmeQ Founder Alexandra Feldner as we explore the many ways to balance the masculine and feminine wisdom in our hearts and in the world.

How do we guide our world into the balance it so urgently needs?


On June 26th and 27th, 200 change makers from the worlds of business, politics, nonprofits, arts, media, science, academia and activism will gather in Los Angeles to become a part of the solution.

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The FemmeQ Summit Trailer

What you will learn from your 2-day experience

Cultivate a deeply nourishing place in your personal, spiritual, and professional life

Build and lead a conscious business

Enable and engage your community for transformative change

Identify the patriarchal beliefs that are now holding us back

Dissolve destructive patterns and begin to make the shift from force to power.

Engage with a caring community that will support you to feel empowered in your agency and authority in the world

Join a fast growing world-wide community that will enable an exponential shift in consciousness and change in systems and structures that no longer serve us

Our Keynote Speakers & Facilitators

Our speakers who are applying Feminine intelligence to their field of expertise:

Scilla is a world-renowned Peace-Builder & Nobel Peace Prize nominee. Sectors: Peace Building, Conflict Resolution, Societal & Political Change

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Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of The Flourish Initiative. Sectors: Learning & Development, Feminine in Leadership, Inner Work, Social Impact Activist (London)

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Founder FemmeQ, Change Maker, Creative Director – Sectors: Personal Branding, Community Building, Films for Change, Inner Work, Feminine Leadership (London – Berlin)

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Ex Global Vice President for Human Resources /Unilever, Founder of Minds @ Work. Sectors:Purposeful Leadership, Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace (London)

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Executive Coach, Speaker & Facilitator – Sector: Global-System Integration, Leadership Development, Emerging Technologies, Finance and Strategy, Planetary Sustainability (London)

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Writer/ Film Director ( of a diverse body of award-winning dramas and documentaries, including “In Utero”) Social Activist & Change Maker, Mother (Los Angeles, Hawai)

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Film & TV Director, Producer, Writer, Poet – Therapist (Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, trained in Norway & Munich, using the IoPT method. (Los Angeles)

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Actress, Speaker, Activist – Sector: Arts-based advising- for Foundations, Prisons Systems, Universities, National, State & Local Politicians and Governmental Departments (Los Angeles, London)

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Award-winning filmmaker & media activist, Facilitator Sector: Film Making, Activism, uncovering and amplifying stories of the emerging paradigm, Crowdfunding (Vancouver)

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Founder & CEO The Female Quotient. Sectors: Corporate Leadership, Equality, Gender Gap, Wage Gap, Girl’s Lounge, Women’s Empowerment (Los Angeles)

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Former Executive / adidas, FILA, Under Armour, Beyond Yoga. Sector: Sport & Wellness Industry, Mentorship, Connector, Positive Activist, Host of FemmeQ LA (Los Angeles)

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Founder of Aware Girls, Peace Activist, Social Activist, “International Humanist of the Year” Award Sector: Women’s Empowerment, Human Rights and bringing every girl to school. (Pakistan)

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Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, International Speaker, Founder of The Mysterial Woman Initiative Sector: Psychology, Transformative Learning, Human Potential, The Deep Feminine (Seattle)

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Coach, Change Agent, Founder of the Brotherhood Men’s Leadership Community & the podcast series “Reclaiming Male Role Models”. Robert leads men’s workshops internationally. (Los Angeles)

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Business Consultant, Leadership Consultant, Business & Social Change Agent, Partner FemmeQ – Sector: Bringing healing to Planet & People, World Nomad, Interconnectedness (London, Melbourne)

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Corporate Sales Executive, Building High performance teams. Sector: Feminine Leadership, Embodiment, Wellbeing, Shamanism, Indigenous Wisdom, Sensuality (Berlin)

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Head of Program Design, Strategy, and Outreach at the USC Performance Science Institute Sector: Neuroscience & at the forefront of research on gratitude and human performance.

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Adjunct Professor at USC Marshall School of Business, Brand Architect, Experience Designer & Business development expert Sector: Investment and Consumer Brand Ecosystems

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CEO The Bodhi Tree, Change agent, Trend spotter Sector: Environment, Social and Wellness Innovations at corporations

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Author, Speaker & Founder of Creative Visions – Sectors: Films for Change, Film and Television Production

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Gaby has inspired and challenged leaders and teams around the globe to contribute to a more social just, environmentally sustainable and spiritual world. E.g. in facilitating leadership trainings on conscious activism or consulting companies to initiate the integral process of shifting from the current state into a New Work Paradigm.

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Who should attend this conference







Summit Schedule

Day 1

The morning of Day One will begin with a meditation to help us center ourselves, focus on the issues at hand, and be open to new ideas. We'll engage with changemakers from around the world through inspiring talks, moving performances, and lively panel discussions. After our lunch break, we'll convene for a series of workshops led by FemmeQ pioneers. You’ll choose 2 of 4 workshops offered: 1 from Session 1 and 1 from Session 2.

Day 2

We'll begin Day Two with another meditation to help us integrate the lessons we've learned so far. Then we'll continue the work we started in our workshops the day before. After lunch, you will have the opportunity to work in small groups with our FemmeQ pioneers to develop strategies for putting your ideas for applying FemmeQ into action. We'll end the event with a conversation on how to build momentum around the FemmeQ movement, and what you can do to spread the word and inspire others to take part. Then we celebrate our new-found connections and inspiration through food, drink and dance!

  • This FemmeQ Summit was the best event I have ever been to. It has truly been life changing.

    Diana Jaffé

    Gender Maketing Expert &Author, Germany

  • Karen Downes is an outstanding consultant and coach in ensuring individuals and organisations achieve breakthrough performance in a sustainable and ethical manner. Her clarity and sense of real purpose has lifted the personal development and team dynamics to exceptional levels to create truly high performance teams that last.

    Dr. Graham Butler

    Owner and Director, ‬
‪G Butler & Associates Limited‬

  • Karen coached me over several months and helped me gain enormous clarity about my business vision, and build confidence and strategy to take it forward. She works with head and heart, from a place of deep inner awareness.

    Sophie Howarth

    Writer and Entrepreneur, co-founder with Alain de Botton of The School of Life

  • FemmeQ feels like a much needed software update!

    Stefan Schurig

    Director Climate Energy & Cities World Future Council, Germany

  • There was so much intelligence in that room – it was just mind-blowing!

    Stephanie Kelly

    Coach & Author, A Quiet Revolution,

  • After these 2 days, I am blown away, inspired and energized! Ready to change the world.

    Sue Liderth

    Head of IT - Emerging Markets at ADIDAS

  • Every single person I met and spoke to was beyond inspiring and I am still talking about this event to everyone around me.

    Federica Ferro

    Rebirthing Practicioner at Global Breathing Awareness

  • It was a great pleasure to be part of such a remarkable and impressive group of women experiencing FemmeQ London 2018. The conference is a unique opportunity to develop awareness, understanding and self-knowledge so that each participant can enhance their talents and abilities in order to flourish.

    Judy Piatkus

    Independent Consultant, Founder of ConsciousCafe, Entrepreneur, Female Keynote Speaker

  • FemmeQ felt like coming HOME. Actualy felt something for the first time deep within me,…and funny enough it’s best to discribe it like this…now i know what it means to be a woman.

    Masja Ottenheim

Summit Tickets


Please note: because we want all attendees to have the opportunity to interact with our speakers, there are only 200 seats available for this event.


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Reduced Admission


Half Admission



In Utero Screening- June 25th @ 7:00 pm


IN UTERO is a cinematic event that examines life in the womb and its lasting impact on human development, human behavior, and the state of the world. For the first time ever, we have convincing data that demonstrates that we are not only a product of our genes but a product of our environment as well.

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How do I know this event is for me?

If you feel called to rather act than endure the poor state of our planet and humanity. If reading the news and feeling depressed is not an option anymore. If you are longing to take a stand. If you are ready to emerge in a deep process of connecting to your femininity.

What is unique about this event?

You have the opportunity to learn from international experts in an intimate environment and in small groups. Our speakers are highly skilled, their experience covers business expertise, deep inner work and spiritual practice.

What will be the personal outcome for me?

You will connect with your deep feminine wisdom and qualities in a new way. You will learn how to build and lead a conscious business, the essentials of Profiling and Presentation and Engaging & Enabling a supportive community.

How will I be able to integrate what I learned into my everyday life?

You will now be part of the FemmeQ Community, which means that you can participate in our individual coaching and online gatherings as well as support yourself with our webinars and online seminars.

Why is this so needed in the world today?

We are living in challenging times. We are living in a world full of opportunities. Together we have impact and power to make changes. Learn from women and men who made a real difference in the world and how this changed their personal lives.

About practicalities!

The Ticket sale for Los Angeles will start soon. Please join our newsletter to get notified. This is a small and exclusive event. Once you have your ticket you will receive our emails to update you. For more questions, please do contact us.

The Venue

In friendly cooperation with the Hudson Loft

Hudson Loft

1200 S Hope St,
Los Angeles, CA 90015, USA

Once the area headquarters for the Hudson Motor Co., Hudson Loft is now a premiere Los Angeles event and film shooting location, full of natural light and exquisite architectural details.

In addition to assembling in the 14,000 square foot indoor space, we’ll also have access to the rooftop where we can enjoy panoramic views of the city.

Hudson Loft is located two blocks east of the Staples Center and LA Live.