Feminine Intelligence shaping our future

The 6th International FemmeQ Summit Strasbourg, France

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October 24 - 27, 2023


Strasbourg France


55 persons



The 6th FemmeQ International Summit

To amplify the voices of women and empower those who are applying feminine intelligence to catalyse the transformation needed to create a flourishing future for all.

We are connecting to strengthen our resolve, collaborating to broaden our reach, celebrating the progress made, and deepening our commitment to play our role in bringing about a cultural revolution and systemic shift essential for our future.


We are transformation catalysts, applying the wisdom of feminine intelligence, for the shift in consciousness needed to achieve equitable, just, inclusive societies, and communities, respecting all sentient beings and Mother Earth.

Transformation catalysts are the Entrepreneurs, Pathfinders, Warriors, and Lovers in action bringing about systemic change. They are sourced from the deep knowing that an elevation in human consciousness is needed. It is the Healers, Creatives, Indigenous communities who are foundational in bringing systemic change.

These catalysts have moved beyond the old beliefs that keep a dysfunctional system in place, they are actively creating and telling a new story, bringing about a deep cultural revolution.

Are you a Transformation Catalyst?
Are you inspired to develop this new way of thinking and acting?
Will you join us in catalysing a cultural revolution?

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Our Transformation Catalysts and Workshop Facilitators

Feminine Intelligence – Why this Why now

Co-Founder FemmeQ. Karen has worked for over three decades as a social entrepreneur, activist for systemic change, and business consultant. She has designed and led development programmes for leaders and their teams, across all sectors of society, applying the feminine principle.

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The Mighty Heart

Founder The Business Plan for Peace, The Mighty Heart & Co-founder FemmeQ. Scilla is a three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee for her work with Oxford Research Group to develop effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policymakers worldwide and their critics.

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The Feminisation of Politics

Indra Adnan is a life-long student of power and agency. As a political entrepreneur she has Co-initiated The Alternative UK which publishes The Daily Alternative, convenes new system actors and builds and engages with cosmolocal community agency networks (CANs) all over the world.

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Women as Weavers of Ecosystem Restoration

My vision is to consolidate these two experiences, Adapta Sertao and Sinal do Vale which are grounded in a new relationship with the earth, and transform them in references of integral development in which people and environment can work together in a balance and harmonious way .

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Catalysing Transformation

For over 35 years, Steve has worked with transformations as a consultant, community organizer, educator, researcher, and collaborative leader. His work with organizations, networks, and systems ranges from local to […]

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The technology of Peace and its role in Integral Healing

Dr. Sahi is the founding President of Unified Human Foundation in the UK and USA, a non-profit supporting NGO projects which unifies human beings with Nature.

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Women's dignity and wellbeing; their invisible challenges and contributions to the world

Meenakshi juggles different roles in the Goonj organisation: from communication, research, strategic internal and external conversations, to ecosystem building.

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Climate Changes

She is co-Founder of SHE Changes Climate, CEO of Climate & Sustainability and Board Member of the Climate Action Accelerator as well as the IISB Sustainability Council.

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How violence and climate crisis impacts the displacement of women and children

Katerina is a pioneer and change maker, with over 20 years of corporate experience as a Solicitor, CAMS-certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and the Head of Global Compliance at a multinational organisation.

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Climate mitigation & Adaptation

With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Sciences, Laurel has demonstrated unwavering dedication to climate advocacy from a young age. Laurel is the founder of her own NGO, Climate Hub Tanzania.

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Collaboration as an Evolutionary Act

Dr. Marilyn Hamilton is the Founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc. and TDG Holdings Inc. Marilyn leads a practice community using Integral City frameworks and practical tools to support multi-stakeholder groups in transforming their whole city and eco-region into habitats that are as sustainable and resilient for humans as the beehive is for bees.

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Standing for Peace in Education

Stand4Peace Co-Founder and HeartMath Certified Trainer. Former Executive / adidas, FILA, Under Armour, Beyond Yoga. Sector: Sport & Wellness Industry, Mentorship, Connector, Positive Activist, Host of FemmeQ LA (Los Angeles).

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Shape Shifting

Jonny is a systems practitioner, based in the UK, focusing on the “how” of transformation. He works alongside Bounce Beyond, facilitating complexity driven change processes within industries, regions, and organisations.

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Honouring the Cycles of the Feminine

Corporate Sales Executive, Building High performance teams. Sector: Feminine Leadership, Embodiment, Wellbeing, Shamanism, Indigenous Wisdom, Sensuality (Berlin)

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Coming Home to Ourselves

My intention is to support people to come home more to themselves. I work with people to enliven what really matters to them and to remember their resources to face […]

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The UnTaming : A Performative Interaction

The Un-taming is an ever-evolving, always assimilating, actor audience dialogue. Its first episode brings alive the wisdom and teachings of the three ancient Indian women saint poets – Lal Ded, […]

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Shaping our Future in the Virtual World

Natasha Sell is the co-founder of Sutra.co, a platform that has supported over 40,000 people participating in group learning experiences online. Sutra has supported programs at the Harvard Program in Refugee […]

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Shaping our Future in the Virtual World

Lorenz Christian Sell is the co-founder of Sutra.co, a platform designed around group learning experiences that invite meaningful connection and conversation online. Sutra has supported over 40,000 people participating in programs […]

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How to talk about Climate Justice

Noora is Deputy CEO at Climate Outreach. She is from the Maldives – one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the word due to the country’s natural land scarcity and […]

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The New Feminine

Ludmila is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of New Feminine, a practical call for modern women to fully embody and express their gift of Womanhood and Sacred Feminine.

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Core Team Member

I am a Purpose Driven Transformation Leader with extensive brand, strategy and sustainability experience. An independent consultant with more than 16 years of experience working in purpose development and sustainability […]

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Core Team Member

With a paradigm shift in career and lifestyle perspective, I moved away from my fast-paced technology consulting career into a world of health and holistic nutrition. I graduated from the […]

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Core Team Member

I feel inspired by the Presencing Institute and Thomas Hübl’s work to embrace deeper sensing and embodied resonance as a reliable guidance. FemmeQ is embedding these abilities in a field of mutual care and human sanity.

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  • This FemmeQ Summit was the best event I have ever been to. It has truly been life changing.

    Diana Jaffé

    Gender Maketing Expert &Author, Germany

  • FemmeQ feels like a much needed software update!

    Stefan Schurig

    Director Climate Energy & Cities World Future Council, Germany

  • There was so much intelligence in that room – it was just mind-blowing!

    Stephanie Kelly

    Coach & Author, A Quiet Revolution,

  • After these 2 days, I am blown away, inspired and energized! Ready to change the world.

    Sue Liderth

    Head of IT - Emerging Markets at ADIDAS

  • Every single person I met and spoke to was beyond inspiring and I am still talking about this event to everyone around me.

    Federica Ferro

    Entrepreneur, Author, Social Influencer

  • It was a great pleasure to be part of such a remarkable and impressive group of women experiencing FemmeQ London 2018. The conference is a unique opportunity to develop awareness, understanding and self-knowledge so that each participant can enhance their talents and abilities in order to flourish.

    Judy Piatkus

    Independent Consultant, Founder of ConsciousCafe, Entrepreneur, Female Keynote Speaker

  • FemmeQ felt like coming HOME. Actualy felt something for the first time deep within me,…and funny enough it’s best to discribe it like this…now i know what it means to be a woman.

    Masja Ottenheim





heart and love in action

Courage to be vulnerable and yet not be stopped by what we feel. In facing our fear, acknowledging our shame, releasing blame, we courageously move through our feelings and emotions. In turn, bringing heart and love into the way we communicate and the actions we take. Courage enables us to bring our authentic, bold and audacious selves forward.


restoring wholeness to our inner and outer worlds

Integrity means wholeness ‘undivided and unbroken completeness’. Integrity means healing deep wounds to complete with the past, mending what has been broken, restoring what has been discarded, awakening to our highest expression. Awakening to the ways in which we are bound together and interconnected with all sentient beings and our natural world.


establishing trust in what we know to be true.

Intuition is the source of faith. Coming from source, we listen to the quiet whispers of the soul and what we know to be true. Following our intuition and instincts gained from our experience in the world, the intelligence of our body, our sensibilities that allow us to make sense of our world, and our sensitivities to what we feel is needed, creativity, connection, community.


taking an authentic stand

Making a commitment and keeping our word is important in these times of disruption and uncertainty. When we are true to the commitments we make, to ourselves and each other, trust is built. Being clear about what we stand for enables us to walk a path that honours who we are and what is uniquely ours to bring at this time, in service to a flourishing future for all.


protecting that which matters most

Devotion is the quality that enables us to fulfil our great longings, our soul’s quest. In devotion we bring our wholehearted and focused attention to care for and protect what matters most to us. Devotion sustains us on the path as we face great challenges. The energy of devotion strengthens our will to act. It can shift in a heartbeat from mindful nurturing care to a fiery force that protects.

Summit Schedule


Welcoming the day

Walking meditation.



Theme of the day “Letting go of the old”


Welcoming the day




Theme of the day “Telling new story”

Who should attend this conference







Please note: because we want all attendees to have the opportunity to interact with our speakers, there are only 40 places available at this retreat.

Full ticket

Reduced Admission


Together we will contribute to the global solidarity which is growing in momentum and numbers.  We will hear from those in action, demonstrating how to respond to the challenges of our time.  We will let go of beliefs that no longer serve us, take time in nature to reflect and integrate this new way of thinking and acting, nourish body, mind and spirit to build capacity and resilience, and resource ourselves with a new sense of possibility to powerfully go forward.


To build capability and capacity as catalysts for transformation, healing and rejuvenation is needed when we are depleted, nourishing the seeds of potential that lie within each of us must be cultivated.  This will take place in a safe environment for authentic dialogue.  We will create a space where all aspects of ourselves are welcome, our vulnerabilities and strengths, our concerns and dreams, our successes, and our failures.  The stewards of the future are here now, this is you, it is all of us. The paradigm shift needed is now within our grasp.


During our 3.5 days together, we will work with the 7 states of Transformation adapted from the Catalyst for Transformation Model.
Each day we will start with meditation, breathwork or movement, followed by inspiring panel speakers and interactive dialogue.  Afternoon will be a series of workshops, world cafes for learning and along with time in nature to reflect, digest and integrate our experiences of the day.


This will be OUR opportunity to participate in activating radical collaboration for systemic change and transformation to shape the future by working with these three important and strategic areas.

  1. Ecology and Environment: Climate Action. Indigenous Wisdom. Respect for our natural world.
  2. Peace Building: Gender and Racial Justice. Building societies free from violence.
  3. Right Livelihood: Healing what has been broken. Earning a living with no harm to others.


“The liberation of the earth, the liberation of women, the liberation of all humanity is the next step of freedom we need to work for, and it’s the next step for peace that we need to create” — Vandana Shiva

Our approach to Catalysing Transformation
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What is Feminine Intelligence?

Feminine intelligence is the intelligence needed to restore integrity to our human and social systems. It will determine the quality of our lives and the future of our planet.

“Feminine intelligence is a deep knowing that we are all part of a living universe; an innate sense of responsibility for the survival? (thriving/flourishing) of human and planetary life. The embodiment of feminine intelligence brings the concentration of love, energy and life-force to someone or something that is of the greatest importance beyond self-interest.”

Karen Downes,

Co-Founder and Director FemmeQ

Who is this summit for?

  • Social entrepreneurs
  • Indigenous leaders, Activists, and Front-line Practitioners
  • Thought Leaders across diverse sectors of society
  • Heads of Foundations and Philanthropic Enterprise
  • Policy Makers
  • Conscious Community and Business Leaders

How do I know if this summit is for me? If you are …

Committed to transcending the old, to create new ways of living, leading, and working.
Seeing that a transdisciplinary approach is needed to collaborate and cross-pollinate ideas, strategies and co-create plans for greater impact.

Interested in understanding and working with system change principles versus incremental shifts.

Currently engaged and in action working on societal and systemic challenges.

Willing to collaborate with thought leaders, activists and social entrepreneurs across diverse sectors of society.

Directing a foundation or philanthropic enterprise, actively engaged in public policy, heading up a government organisation, front-line practitioner or a corporate leader wanting to shift the paradigm of business.

Committed to being an exceptional conscious business leader.

What are the Accommodation Options?

If you haven't already done so, book your hotel room. Accommodation at the Cháteau itself has now sold out, but we recommend this alternative as one of the hotels where we have reserved rooms.

From 24th to 27th of October 2023 – 3 nights
Room contingent available : 15

Hotel: Léonor (4 Stars)
11 rue de la Nuée Bleue
67000 Stasbourg

Room Category: Superior
Per night/room – 165€ without Breakfast.

When making your booking, ask the hotel for a reduced price without Breakfast buffet, as you will be joining us for breakfast at the Chateau. 

Booking procedure:
Individual bookings made by sending an email to reservation@sogeho.com with the registration form (click to download)

Booking code : QSUM23

A credit card will be required as a guarantee and the filled out form.
Cancellation of a room without charge available up to 7 days before the arrival date.
The payment will be made directly at the hotel.

What are the travel options?

  • 2 hours from STUTTGART
  • 2h.30 from FRANKFURT
  • 1h.30 from BASEL
  • 1h.50 by train from PARIS
The Château de Pourtalès is accessible by plane from the following main airports:
  • Entzheim Airport, Strasbourg 22 km
  • Karlsruhe Baden-Baden Airpark at 50 km
  • Euro Airport Bâle-Mulhouse-Friborg at 136 km
  • Frankfurt International Airport 202 km
  • Paris Airport
Motorway access:
10 minutes from the Château, Paris-Lyon A35 / North-East France A4 axis.
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What are other Strasbourg Accommodation Options?

Here are our suggested options for staying outside the Chateau in nearby hotels.

Hôtel Strasbourg, Alsace
Le Jean Sébastien Bach - Résidence 4 étoiles 6, boulevard Jean Sébastien Bach 67000 Strasbourg, France (+33) 03 90 41 30 00 60 available rooms - 120€/room plus City taxes. This is the closest Hotel by the Chateau – walkable in 30 minutes.

Hôtel Régent Contades
8 avenue de la Liberté 67000 Strasbourg +33 3 88 15 05 05 Approximately 120€/Night

Explore the Summit Venue

Strasbourg France

The European Study Centre (ESC)

161 Rue Mélanie
67000 Strasbourg

The Château de Pourtalès is the premier location for an academic year, semester, and summer study abroad program in France.

This is a 250-year-old fairytale castle nestled gracefully in a beautiful park just minutes from the EU institutions and the historical center of one of Europe’s most dynamic and multi-cultural cities, Strasbourg, France.

The ESC program is operated by the CEPA Foundation. The venue will suported by a friendly cooperation with CEPA ABROAD.

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