Agata Welz


Film Making, Musician, Singer, Editor


Core Community, Germany


I love to melt imagery, words and music into that one individual composition.
I was born in Poland and escaped communism with my family when I was ten. Coming to Germany was a big gift in my life. I wondered about this country, where everything was clean, the shops sold more than twenty kinds of different teas and on TV, the people were so happy while they sang „Can’t beet the feeling” and drank coca cola. That was a beautiful world.
I grew up with this promising world of advertisement, where fantasy did not have limits and I wondered as I watched, “what does is it that creates such an impact on feelings like advertisements do”?
Some years later, by chance, I started my film career in the world of advertisement. Alas, the ins and outs of the industry made me weary very quickly. An advertisement can create astonishing imaginary, but why is that a healthy and balanced process around the production is so often missing? And asked myself, “do I believe in the messages that I help to create”?
At that time, illness came into my life and long journey through different phases of self-development began to bring me back to my roots. The healing of my body, my mind and my soul became essential. Would I find the fullness inside myself instead of searching for it outside?
Now twelve years later, after many ads, documentaries, short films, vitals, music clips and TV reports, my staging arena expanded.
I now find myself a storyteller, who works on developing films from idea till the last cut. I want to take you on a journey to yourself and your world around you, what might you discover, what might you express for the first time through that story.
It does not matter how long this story might be and what kind of ingredients it needs – I love to melt imagery, words and music into that one individual composition, where you are connected to the flow of your journey as much as it becomes your world. Here we are united – here I am happy, because the people you want to reach with this story are touched and so am I.