Alexandra Feldner


Film, Arts, Deep Inner Work


Co-Founder, Core Community, Germany, UK, France



I love this film we produced in our Flourish Creative Unit. It gives you an idea how we all envision our future.

Imagine a place……



The Fashion Years in Paris

Right after school I left to Paris where I studied management with an emphasis on hotel management, ready to live in distant places and explore foreign cultures, which has always been a passion of mine.

Life had other plans and I became a model agent and scouter instead, working for agencies like Elite Models and subsequently as the managing director of my own agency. I would call these eight years “intense apprenticeship” and the base of my professional career as I learned everything about:

Working with different cultures: establishing networks across Europe and the US, working out successful co-operations, identifying cultural “clashes” and finding solutions to overcome them:
> Identifying talent and potential: turning a girl from the countryside into an international star
> Managing careers: developing sustainable strategies and designing best of international career options.</li>
> Managing super models in Paris in the 80ties Learning to navigate through the difficult terrains of fashion-, film- and  celebrity- egos with much diplomacy and sensitivity</li>

I was blessed to work with many of the best people in the business and enjoying to study the human psyche in all it forms and sometimes most curious expressions.

The Film Years in London

Impressed by the potential of career management and motivated by the great possibilities resulting from connecting talents in different European markets I moved to London and into the colorful world of the film business – as an agent for commercial film and music video directors.

In the 90ties commercials were infused with new technologies and were often a feast for the eye, music videos became outbreaks of artistic expression, money did not really matter and talent was highly sought after and across borders. In the following 15 years I learned how to:
> Connect advertising agencies and film productions across Europe
>Detect young talent and kick off careers
>Work with established renowned film directors and big brand names (Mercedes, Audi, L’Oréal, Beiersdorf, Telekom etc.)
>Built up successful networks
>Connect people, creating new opportunities and expanding markets and possibilities

I feel deeply grateful to have worked with so many outstanding people and was very inspired by their amazing creativity and genius. The different film projects invited me to enter different universes each time and I had often astonishing opportunities to lead surprising dialogs with architects from Hong Kong, skateboarders from Los Angeles or scientists from the Philippines. I looked for talent in unusual places, negotiated contracts or explored new areas like the science of the longest living people on earth.

All these years spent with some of the visual leaders of our time helped me to develop a distinct sense of beauty and esthetics expressed through all mediums – from environment and events to websites and marketing material.

The Human Psyche

Throughout this rich creative journey I have woven my studies of spiritual psychology, Buddhism, meditation and the evolution of consciousness and have acquired an in-depth knowledge of these subjects through numerous activities like seminars, retreats and extensive trainings in Europe, India and the United States.

Loving People and their Stories

I have seen heartbreak and tragedy when people are marginalised, disappointment when they do not see their own greatness, depression when they do not have the opportunity to fulfill their potential and live true to their greatest longing.
My commitment is to remove the barriers, allow the human spirit to soar and for every person to shine their light.