Alexia Rees

Alexia Rees



Alexia Rees is a pre-eminent teacher and practitioner of Mulan Quan (Orchid Fist), the only major Tai Chi style developed by a woman master, incorporating ancient dance movements.

Mulan Quan is a graceful “meditation in motion” through which practitioner develops poise, strength, balance and flexibility, as well as a focused mind and an uplifted spirit.

It is a powerful daily tool, facilitating the embodiment of feminine strength through graceful movement. Mulan Quan has only recently been introduced in the West, and Alexia trained with a direct disciple of this unique style’s founder.

Ms. Rees has been a Tai Chi core faculty member at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY since 2010, as well as a private Tai Chi instructor in the Greater New York Area since 2005. In addition to her Tai Chi practice, Ms. Rees performs as a classical piano soloist and in international chamber music festivals, and has enjoyed a vibrant teaching career as a private piano instructor and an early childhood educator.