Carolina Fernández-Jansink


Mexico & USA



Carolina is a regenerative business strategist and Biomimic who supports companies and their leaders transition their business models towards Regeneration and Thrivability.  She is the founder of Cascading Sustainability LLC, a firm that helps businesses realign to the way Nature works, supports business leaders define what positive impact means to them, from a Life perspective; and help them accelerate their way forward towards creating more meaningful positive impact and improved financial results. Through advisory consulting and training, she works on at a strategic and systemic level to create and implement a roadmap for business. She co-founded Origen Group, an organization that invites businesswomen in Latin America to be empowered by Nature; is Head of the Americas at COBIOM, a German-based sustainable swarm intelligence platform; and member of the Regenerative Communities Network of the Capital Institute.  Carolina is Mexican and lives with her family in the Line Creek Watershed located in the Appalachian Piedmont Forests, USA.