Constanze Baier

Constanze Baier


Core Team Partner, Germany




My mission is to remind women of their primordial feminine power – whether in business, in their private lives, or in the bedroom. I guide women in healing their wounds and help them become aware of and express their unique feminine signature.

For almost 20 years, I compromised myself in the name of success. I held various management positions in some of the most innovate companies in the world such as Samsung und Dyson and was one of few women in the sales divisions of Fortune 500 companies. I was responsible for generating hundreds of millions in revenue.

During my 20-year career in the corporate sector, I transitioned through various multinational companies and leadership positions. I experienced fleeting moments of success. I wanted so badly to be able to keep up in a field dominated by men. In order to achieve external recognition, I constantly exceeded my limits, overstepped my boundaries constantly, and abandoned my own needs.

I began to radically change my life. For more than 15 years, I have been deeply dedicated to my own healing. For a long time, I had been harbouring deep wounds and shame. Understanding the disconnection from myself helped me to realise that the way I had been living was no longer sustainable and was causing great harm to both myself and those dearest to me.

I later discovered that all of this was keeping me from realising my full potential. I now live in harmony with my needs and my cycle. I allowed my inner voice to guide me.
Coming to terms with my deepest wounds created wonders on so many levels.

I now help other woman to regain their power and intuition, overcome their doubts, resolve their shame, and heal their wounds.

My message: live and love yourself unashamedly.