Constanze Baier






What really matters to me is that man and woman start to focus on the things we have in common instead on how different we are.


I  consider myself as a global human.

I grew up in the GDR when the wall came down, then traveling became my passion. So far I have discovered more than 30 countries. I love the diversity of people and places, and have a strong desire to be in nature to enjoy the endless forms of beauty. On the other hand I love the vibrancy of cities like New York and London, these melting pots of creativity.

In the 15 years of my career in the corporate world I have been building up my experience in sales. When looking back I realize that I already started in the age of 13, selling waffles in my uncle’s fairground booth. Sales is a way of connecting with people, a way to serve our needs and to grow together.

A significant impact had my work experience with Samsung Electronics. I worked my way up to retail sales manager and was responsible for a team of ten. During this time I was challenged and fostered. I was given the opportunity to build up my own sales team and explored in depth how my own way of leading impacts the result of a whole team.

During my time off, I completed a coach and trainer program which has helped me to fine tune my skills of creating and maintaining a congenial atmosphere. Since my study of business administration I had been interested in human development and, while exploring my own needs to feel safe in a working environment, I adjusted my way of thinking and behaving.

My openness and empathy for people enables me to easily connect with all different types of human beings and to provide a space of safety and wellbeing.

I’m passionate to explore how we can bridge spirituality and business.


I have been on a deep spiritual quest for the past 7 years. My journey started by exploring different schools: yoga, alternative healing, coaching and leadership embodiment.

Leading workshops for women made me realize how powerful and healing it is to be held by a group of women.  In my work environment,  I was always the only woman. After I nourished and empowered myself in woman groups, I was missing the masculine and felt that now is the time to weave it all together. I then discovered the vast universe of body work and embodiment in leadership. This is now the more holistic approach for me.

Now it is time for women and men to see each other as equals and deeply honour each other.

Current Situation

Constanze currently works for Dyson, Germany as Sales Manager and Team Leader. In her free time she is igniting her environement with sensuality and her deep healing capacities.