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My aim is to upgrade the human operating system.

Darshita is a millennial, born in Mumbai, India to a non-English speaking conservative Hindu family.
After qualifying with an M.Com & as ‘47th all-India rank’ Chartered Accountant she worked with board directors of Standard Chartered.
After banking, she has co-founded 2 companies: Ease on Edge & Blu Dot Advisory, as vehicles to address complex interpersonal, business and societal challenges in a more sustainable, conscious, and strategic way.
She works closely with the UN, Religious Institutions, Governments, MNCs, Non-Profits, fellow Impact Investors and Family offices.
Her experience builds on and blends 4 facets – ‘Finance and Strategy’, ‘Leadership Development’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Planetary Sustainability’.

Through all of this, Darshita is unconditionally and relentlessly held & guided by her ‘gurus at home’, ‘playfully provoking & inspiring’ husband Rowan and her ‘little star’ Tara.

Darshita lives in London.

“The combination of my professional background as a Chartered Accountant, Investment Banker, Executive Coach, Impact Investing and FinTech/ Blockchain Specialist empowers me to take a holistic approach for every client and project, and bring a lot more skills and perspectives to the table.

My aim is to leverage the power of emerging technologies through integrated commercial applications to address the complex business and societal challenges we face in a more sustainable, conscious, and strategic way.

I work closely with the UN and Inter-Governmental Organisations, Religious Institutions, Governments, MNCs, Non-Profits, fellow Impact Investors as well as Family offices.

I also manage our family “Impact and Lifestyle” Investment portfolio.”

Current Advisory/ Honorary Roles:

➖Advisory Board: NEDonBoard
➖Board Director: House of Rumi Ltd.
➖Global Advisory Council: Charter for Compassion
➖Trustee: Think Equal
➖Trustee: Philanthropy Impact
➖Core Team: Global Sustainability Network
➖Guest Lecturer: University College London

➖Operational Board: Reboot the Future 
➖Board Trustee: Darwin Centre Trust 
➖Director: Business Alliance for the Future
➖Founding Board Director: Conscious Capitalism UK Chapter