Dr. Sangeeta Sahi

Dr. Sangeeta Sahi


Founding President, Unified Human Foundation, UK | USA. Integrative and Transformational Medical Doctor


India, UK & USA


Dr. Sahi is the founding President of Unified Human Foundation in the UK and USA, a non-profit supporting NGO projects which unifies human beings with Nature.

She has worked directly with NGOs in India, Africa, USA, in projects of developing innovation and natural solutions for environmental, health and cultural/community sustainability, for over 20 years.

As an integrative medical doctor and anti- aging consultant, she is a posthumanist physician combining her formal medical training with therapies, resulting in a posthuman whole systems approach to healing. In the field of integrative immune system health, she has designed specific programs for individuals experiencing cancer and autoimmune diseases. Using her unique integral approach, she designs individualised, customised mentoring programs for leaders of this new age. Dr. Sangeeta has facilitated retreats around the world and is a keynote speaker on Holistic Wellbeing, Astrophysics and posthuman Mind-Body systems for health and healing globally.

Dr. Sahi is a member of the global advisory board of G100 (100 most influential womenin the world) in the chapter of Holistic Wellbeing. She is the WICCI President for India-Turkey Business Council.