Eduard Muller


Costa Rica



Eduard is an environmentalist, scientist, activist.  He is the founder and rector of the University for International Cooperation for the past 25 years. Its mission is to educate professionals to lead the changes required in economic, environmental, socio-cultural and political development in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is a global leader in the promotion and advocacy of regenerative development and design, the next level of innovative solutions resolving the current challenges that elevate the progression needed to end damaging global patterns.  He has been promoting regenerative development, based on rethinking our approaches to environment, economy, society, culture, policy and politics and, spirituality, and how to integrate these six pillars using holistic approaches. He has been invited to speak by various organizations such as the World Meteorological Organization, the Latin American Parliament, the Parliamentary Confederation of the Americas, The Earth Charter, IUCN, national and provincial legislatures, among others, having given over 100 conferences in more than 25 countries.