Erin Toppenberg


Core Team Partner, USA


My mission is to connect more and more in the heart.  I am involved in charities and organizations, all of which have a common goal and purpose in expanding the consciousness and compassion in the world.  My daughters fuel my passion to work on the empowerment for all women and children worldwide.

I am a Co-Founder/Director of The Waterbearers which is a woman lead, nonprofit organization providing clean water access for others around the world.  Also, I actively serve on the Board of Directors for the All you Need is Love Foundation. I have participated in many sessions at the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women and Children as a delegate with Pathways to Peace, a peace messenger organization.

In addition to my philanthropic work, I am a Naam Yoga instructor/Universal Kabbalist, and a certified HeartMath trainer.  I train individuals as well as large groups in how to activate the heart of a team through heart coherence.  Knowing that once individuals and groups learn to tap into the hearts intelligence their power is truly unlimited.