Franziska Jakob-Friedenberger

Franziska Jakob-Friedenberger


Core Team Partner, Germany


I love people. I believe in visions and that we are the creators of our lives. I stand for authentic relationships, transformation by heart, co-creation and human profoundness.

Shaped by long years in competitive sports, my East-West personal background and working in male domains, made me experience a wide range of female and male power, success and failures. I’ve long felt the feminine in me to be the weaker part in my life and that I can only really achieve great goals with my brash, energetic masculine power. Over the years I’ve learned that the feminine intelligence in me leads more gently and from the heart, connects. It rather connects and allies instead of pushing through, which helps me to achieve more sustainable results.

My favorite question is: What if everything is possible? I know that we are powerful creators. Our energy always follows our focus. For me, that means: asking again and again, is this my path and do I feel joy and gratitude?

Being a digital pioneer, coach, mother of two kids and beloved woman, I’m supporting people to live their lives up to their full potential.

As a core team catalyst, I want to encourage and accompany people to value and balance the feminine and masculine intelligence in them, to find new ways in their relationships, families and work contexts, so that our world becomes more peaceful, sustainable and loving – for all of us.