Irene Cerdas

Irene Cerdas



To some extent this never affected me. I thought that growing up learning about sexuality “from experience”, from what my friends told me, watched on television or read in a magazine was normal. But I am very curious and this led me to inform myself in other ways with other resources and sources of information. Throughout my teens and twenties my interest in sex was always personal.

I got my degree in photography and worked on it for several years, until I had an existential crisis and decided to do a postgraduate degree in Art Therapy. This experience helped me to understand help and healing through art and other expressions. In short, I was still determined that I wanted to work on something that would allow me to help and learn from people. There came a time when everything became very clear: sexual education, female sexual empowerment, and the possibility of creating a more positive society on sexuality issues was my path.