Jan Hurwitch


With a decade of experience in the corporate world, I have come to see corporate leaders as powerful agents for positive change in the world. I am committed to working with such leaders to transform the way companies take care of their people, interact with the communities they do business with and impact the planet in service of creating a future that supports the fulfilment of the triple bottom line; people, planet and profit. As a millennial, I see it as my role to contribute to building a future that serves generations to come.

With a business degree and Masters in International Development coupled with my personal journey venturing into the fields of spirituality and psychology, I bring a unique combination of academia and philosophy to any project. This broad spectrum of personal experience and business acumen enables a creative and innovative approach to leadership development and organisational transformation. As a trained yoga instructor I am committed to bringing new levels of awareness to how mindfulness practice and conscious leadership can create business as a force for positive change in the world.

Areas of competence: change management, leadership, scenario planning,  creativity, and ending existential poverty. In addition, local organization development, credit systems for rural women and microenterprise development are other areas of her experience.


Education and Qualifications

BA organizational psychology, George Washington U, 1972

MPA public administration, George Washington U, 1973

Advanced Management Program, INCAE, 1995

PhD  education (candidate) U de La Salle, Costa Rica

Dissertation in progress: Ending Existential Poverty: an altruistic life

Certified in MBTI (Jungian-based personality assessment), Scenario planning (Global Business Network), training of trainers (various techniques)


Complementary areas of interest

Managing psychological trauma, particularly among victims of armed conflict; mindfulness meditation, alternative healing practices, crystal healing, group spiritual practices, labyrinth walking meditation; nutrition and healthy eating, health and fitness, inventing new ways to improve the world together and creating alternative learning experiences which include embracing altruism.