Jim Ritchie-Dunham


Jim is president of the Institute for Strategic Clarity, affiliated with Harvard, Univ Politec Madrid, and TEC EGADE, co-author of Ecosynomics (2014), Managing from Clarity (2001), many chapters and articles. He blogs regularly at jlrd.me. He has a BSPE (UTulsa), an MIM (Thunderbird), an MBA (ESADE), a PhD in Decision Sciences (UTAustin), and postdocs in system dynamics and organizational studies (MIT) and psychology and mindfulness (Harvard).

He designs strategic systems-change frameworks and co-develop implementation processes for whole-systems, high-leverage transformation, which have guided 1000s of groups in 100s of initiatives in 43 countries. His scholarly research on abundance-based systems of agreements fields (ecosynomic pactoecography) is informed by field tests in 43 countries and survey data of 6,000 groups in 125 countries and he has formal affiliations at Harvard and UPM, and a 43-country network, to address emerging questions of deep collaboration, sacred hospitality, and abundance-based values operating systems.



Email: jimrd@isclarity.org