Judith Hafner

Judith Hafner


Core Team Partner, Italy


With my background in languages (German, Italian, English, French, Chinese), I spent 15 years in France, South Africa, Germany, China and Norway before I came back to my home in Northern Italy. Now I live near Bolzano, with the forest as my daily coach, and coordinate, together with four other women, the network future.bz.it. It connects local civil engagement to the Sustainable Development Goals.

The purpose of our network has shifted to partnerships (SDG 17) as we sensed into the need for bridging perspectives and nourishing the mutual understanding between local stakeholders of sustainability. Stretching our hearts into the field beyond the blames, beyond what we consider right seems crucial to change. We try to create a relational field playfully (see We-Games) and with genuine curiosity.

I myself feel inspired by the Presencing Institute and Thomas Hübl’s work to embrace deeper sensing and embodied resonance as a reliable guidance. FemmeQ is embedding these abilities in a field of mutual care and human sanity.

As a mother and wife I feel that Life invites us to dance with each other and with the Unknown, trusting the music within us. With FemmeQ I dance with Life itself.