Karen Lee Downes

Karen Downes


Core Team Director, UK, Costa Rica, Australia


My personal mission is to unleash the potential of the human spirit and for all to flourish.

Over the breadth of my 30-year career I have built successful companies and supported civil society organisations, advised business leaders and led development programmes around the world to achieve measurable results. During this time, I’ve learned what it takes to tackle difficult issues such as gender equanimity, how to build resilience in facing adversity and setbacks, how to infuse business with purpose and how to engage people in meaningful work to ensure they bring their best of themselves to any endeavour.

I have designed and facilitated hundreds of programmes to empower women and men to be authors of their own lives, to fulfil their potential and live true to their higher purpose. I have witnessed the extraordinary breakthroughs that are possible when we are released from the constraints of our out-dated beliefs and unconscious counterproductive behaviours. Only then can we recognise our inherent human value and potential.

In the end it takes the fierce courage to initiate our own and others’ transformation.