Karen Wooldridge


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Los Angeles



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I am ready to be with like-minded people and help with the “shift” that needs to take place in the business world. I am a woman of action and want to inspire others to take action.



With over thirty years in the sport and wellness industry, I’ve been fortunate to work with industry leaders like adidas, FILA, Under Armour and Beyond Yoga.

Being the Vice President of Sales for a growing yoga company during a “yoga legging” fashion craze was all consuming and I allowed myself to burn out. After leaving the company in 2017, I dedicated myself to healing and learning more about the prevention of “Burn Out”. I immersed myself in a 200-hour yoga teacher training that I did for myself, my loved ones and to better serve my clients in the future. In 2021 I have become a certified HeartMath Trainer to help others care for themselves and others in their life with practical skills that “Renew and Regenerate” on a daily basis. This skills are need more than ever as we come out of a world-wide pandemic.

My initial education of FemmeQ was through a retreat workshop training, Leading with Grace & Resilience led by Karen Downes and Dr. Scilla Elworthy. I traveled to Oxford, UK in May 2017 solo and was the only American. The understanding that no matter what your gender, the feminine principles: caring, compassion, deep listening, inclusivity, interconnectedness, and intuition must be valued and balanced with traditional masculine qualities was the answer I felt was needed not only in business but in all areas of one’s life. We need to integrate the feminine and masculine qualities for a healthy and prosperous personal life and for the world at large.

I am now utilizing this information along with my years of corporate experience, yoga teacher training and the science of HeartMath as a platform to consult, connect and mentor as the founder of The Kare N Connection and Co-Founder of Stand4Peace. I want to see people flourish in all areas of their lives and I believe how we care and connect at home and at work must be integrated. My hope is that everyone learns to embrace self-connection, utilizing one’s own feminine intelligence for a regenerative future. I co-led the efforts to bring the critical FemmeQ message to Los Angeles in June, 2018 and now I am passionate in assisting with the production of the Costa Rica gathering in July, 2021.

The success and personal growth I have experienced has given me the platform to speak out and lead as a change-maker for a flourishing future for all.



I believe Peace is Possible! I now bring the feminine principles of FemmeQ to my personal and professional world to support the possibility of inner peace and outer peace.

After spending time with peace activist and three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee Dr. Scilla Elworthy, I have become a Pioneer of the Possible and definitely believe Peace is Possible! Scilla has spent time working with countless world leaders including Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Tutu, The Dalai Lama and Sir Richard Branson, and she believes peace will come when each of us does our part internally and then in guiding our own communities with passion, love and kindness.

I am willing to spend the rest of my days doing my part and have co-founded STAND4PEACE to be a resource to educate and bring public awareness to issues related to peace. We can begin to educate and bring awareness by commemoration the United Nations’ Day of Peace on the 21st of September and all that it “STANDS 4”.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” ~ Nelson Mandela