Laurel Kivuyo

Laurel Kivuyo




Laurel is a 23-year-old Tanzanian environmentalist and sustainability advocate who has achieved remarkable accomplishments in her field. With a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Health Sciences, she has demonstrated unwavering dedication to climate advocacy from a young age. Laurel is the founder of her own NGO, Climate Hub Tanzania, which has made significant strides in building climate resilience and promoting inclusion of youth, women, and indigenous people in climate mitigation efforts.

Recognized for her leadership and commitment to environmental conservation, Laurel was appointed as the Youth Environment Ambassador by the Ministry of Environment Tanzania for the term 2022/2025. Additionally, she serves as the Climate Youth Envoy for the Southern African Youth Forum, representing 16 countries during the term 2022/2024. Recently, Laurel has been honoured with the role of SHE Changes Climate Ambassador.

Laurel has successfully executed numerous climate projects, including advocating for zero plastic usage, developing sustainable eco-friendly products, and organising hybrid and in-person advocacy campaigns. She has also collaborated with esteemed institutions such as the French Embassy, UNEP, and various national and international organisations to address climate mitigation and adaptation.