Ludmila Lipskaya

Ludmila Lipskaya


Core Team Partner, UK


Ludmila is a visionary entrepreneur and the founder of New Feminine, a practical call for modern women to fully embody and express their gift of Womanhood and Sacred Feminine. Ludmila is a Kundalini yoga teacher, Feminine spiritual mentor, and a facilitator of women’s circles and retreats.

During her life journey, she worked in arts, computer science, business, life coaching, yoga for personal transformation, channelling, sound healing and tantric numerology. These personal experiences and learnings led her to understanding of the complexities of being a Modern woman.

She sees a modern woman as a multi-talented being with a strong cognitive capacity, and ability to deeply feel and intuite. She holds within her the ancient wisdom of the Great Mother, and she is ready to put this wisdom into the new context through creative collaborations. Women join their gifts into a cauldron, where the New emerges as a joyful product of this liberating labour. This is how we bring the New Feminine perspective into every area of life, under the new women’s leadership.