Meenakshi Gupta


Meenakshi juggles different roles in the Goonj organisation: from communication, research, strategic internal and external conversations, to ecosystem building.

She is closely involved in embedding and nurturing new ideas and in operationalising Goonj’s values. Having contributed significantly to organisation building over the past two decades, she continues to play a vital role in the direction of Goonj’s growth. She leads on many firsts in Goonj like the building of a reflective learning and thriving framework and the grounds-up strategic vision conversations. She is a founding member of Catalyst 2030, a global network of social entrepreneurs.
She has been on juries of multiple awards including the Nari Shakti (Women Power) awards. She is a Dance Movement Facilitator with a deep interest in the wellbeing of people doing the difficult last mile work in the development sector.

For over 15-years Meenakshi worked in the corporate sector before co-founding Goonj, which included working with the BBC for eight years. She is a commerce graduate with an advanced degree in communication. She is a proud mother, living in India with husband and family.