Melina Angel





As a theoretical and evolutionary biologist, Melina understands evolution in contexts of community and complexity, she has been asking nature, as a biomimetic, about regeneration and evolution at different scales, from individuals to ecosystems, to be applied on human systems. She is leading projects as “How to evolve” with key learnings for adaptation and evolution, “Land Trusts for Regeneration”, “Colombia Regenerativa” linked with RCN, “South-South exchanges” linking Africa and Latin America through its participation at the Transformation Systems Mapping of the Blue Marble Evaluation. She co-founded Bio Systemica which consults for private, public and civil organizations and do mobilisation projects globally and she co-coordinates and teaches at the Transdisciplinary Master on Sustainable Systems of Life at the Externado, University of Colombia. As theoretical biologist she has been modelling evolutionary process and bringing biological thinking to the Regenerative Communities Network, ISO for biomimetics and more.