Michael Hesse


Design & Programming, Business Visionary, Purpose


Berlin & the world


I was born into what is often referred to as the “Purpose Driven Generation”, better known as a “Millennial”, where the triangle: People, Planet, Purpose defined my core values and priorities in my life and in my work.

My story of how I have arrived here at the Flourish Initiative, starts in the year 2145 on Mars. From a predicted future that I entered into through video games. In 2145 humanity has set up a research basecamp exploring fields such as teleportation, biological research and advanced weapons design. This dark and rather catastrophic world of the Video Game Doom3 radiated such a tremendous fascination on me as a 10 year old boy that I would spend the next 9 years mainly in my room and in front of my source of creativity, my computer.

Not only to play the game, but more importantly, I was saving the world from demons. At the same time exploring the technical universe of MOD, (modification of a computer programme) thus unknowingly building a skuill whilst following my passion to create, build and construct. In my mind a team was coming together from all over the world, united by the same enthusiasm to modify the game, each taking over a distinct function in this cyber universe.

I soon discovered the one critical component missing in this certainly attractive but also very artificial world was human connection and contact with the “real world”. Understandable then, that after many years of exploring the vast realms of SciFi, the inner realms of exploration into consciousness became my next passion.

Eckart Tolle and John Kabat Zinn delivered answers, which were so needed but and added heart, soul and a philosophical touch to my worldview in construction.


Michael’s strong will to acquire all his knowledge and expertise through self-education, an autodidact on all levels brings a unique skill in cracking computer codes and at the personal level, cracking and transforming self-limiting beliefs.

Fuelled by his quest for beauty, his love of the arts and design add yet another layer to Michael’s brilliant artistic eye and provide a deeper understanding of how aesthetics influence us all. His work in design expresses his passion for simplicity, beauty and elegance. He has worked with a diverse client base bringing alive in artistic expression their purpose, business proposition and offer.

Interested in politics, changing the system, cutting edge consciousness and living a meaningful life are of prime importance to Michael. These are the issues that he brings his capacity, talent and skill to.

His message through his work to each and every person he works with, is ‘Shine your Light! – be it at the personal, professional or organisational level.


Webdesign & Programming

Business Visionary