Noora Firaq

Noora Firaq


Core Team Partner, Maldives


Noora is Deputy CEO at Climate Outreach. She is from the Maldives – one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the word due to the country’s natural land scarcity and low-lying geography. She has firsthand experience of how climate change affects the socio-economics, psychology and security of communities.

Noora’s lived experience of climate change and being a migrant woman of colour in the UK drives her work. She believes that solving climate change requires us to address it through an intersectional lens, recognising how it affects people across societies.

Noora believes that to see great transformational change at individual and systemic level, the climate movement itself also needs to transform. It needs to be inclusive, taking an anti-colonial, anti-racist and feminist approach without sectoral boundaries – we need to change ourselves before we can change the world.

Climate Outreach is a team of social scientists and communication specialists working to widen and deepen public engagement with climate change. Scientific solutions and progressive policy, although crucial to addressing climate change, require people’s understanding and engagement so we can have equitable and effective systemic change.