Patti Elledge


Early relational or attachment wounds may leave us feeling unlovable, frightened of others, isolated and braced against our True Loving Essence. Patti Elledge is a trauma healing specialist who has served as a somatic mentor for hundreds of therapists and healers over the past 20 years.  Her background is in Somatic Experiencing and she teaches Diane Poole Heller’s groundbreaking adult attachment work, DARe, as well as her own blend of instinctual wisdom in her 3-month long online trainings.  Patti weaves cutting edge strategies from the fields of attachment theory, evolutionary neurobiology, instinctual wisdom, deep ecology and embodiment through movement, creativity and emotional expression. Her blending of a variety of somatic techniques helps to treat and resolve over-coupled elements of survival energies (fight-flight-freeze responses) that become so seemingly intractable with the essence of loving/bonding and “belonging,” ie the heart.  By accessing all parts of our nervous system and moving out of dysregulated or fear based patterns we can embrace who we truly are meant to be on Earth and become embodied leaders in these evolving times.