Rashi Bunny & Vatsala Shrivastava

Rashi Bunny & Vatsala Shrivastava


Core Team Partners, India


The Un-taming is an ever-evolving, always assimilating, actor audience dialogue. Its first episode brings alive the wisdom and teachings of the three ancient Indian women saint poets – Lal Ded, Andal and Akka Mahadevi. Their stories and verses remain relevant even today – expressing, growing, and contextualising themselves over and over again, through millions of women existing in multiple cultures, geographies and eras.

Two keepers of ancient stories, Rashi Bunny and Vatsala Shrivastava create a safe space through their bodies, dialogues, and intuition for the audience to receive powerful tales of times gone by, to nudge their witnessing Presence, to “untame” their “now” and summon the wild wisdom of “once upon a time.”

Rashi Bunny is founder Director, Banjara theatre, internationally awarded solo performer, energy worker and clairvoyant healer, with global experience, who believes that performing arts & healing is for bridging into our inner power, connecting deeply and celebrating with the vast benevolence of a tangible multiverse.

Vatsala is a journalist and storyteller, collecting and archiving stories and metadata to understand communities and find compassionate solutions for organisations and entrepreneurs. She believes that connecting with authentic stories can heal and help one transform into their higher self.

Together they weave their magic, where beauty and meaning come together and connect to the moment of transcendence, to pause & witness the embodiment of divine wisdom & wild courage of the Feminine.