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A conscious intention to heal. The concentration of love\, energy and life-force\, dedicated to someone or something that is of the greatest importance beyond self-interest.” – Karen Downes \nFeminine intelligence exists in all of us\, but over millennia the pursuit of power and control have condemned it as a weakness or vulnerability unique to women\, unworthy of a place within mainstream society\, economics or politics. \nNow is the time to reclaim what has been lost\, to regenerate what has lain dormant: the feminine intelligence that exists in us all to liberate our full human potential. \n\n\nJoin us if you…\n\nAre dissatisfied with current leadership models of top-down and domination and take responsibility for doing something about it\nWant to co-create a vibrant community of global changemakers grounded in practical wisdom\, embodied intelligence and heart felt connection\, committed to changing the system that no longer serves us\nNeed inspiration\, healing\, renewal and a new sense of hope\nKnow that ‘inner work’ is as important as ‘outer action’ for large-scale systems change\nBelieve that a moral revolution is needed and a re-imagining of who we are\, and growing into who we need to become\nKnow that to have impact solidarity and scale is required through collaboration and collective action\nAcknowledge that what has been missing must now be restored: the feminine principle\n\nSpeakers\nSo far confirmed\, with many more to be announced: \n\nKaren Downes\, Co-founder FemmeQ\, Social Entrepreneur leading programmes for systemic change in organisations and enterprises around the world.\nAnnette Knopp\, A seasoned guide in the realm of consciousness\, counsellor and meditation teacher and shamanic healer.\nDr. Scilla Elworthy\, A pioneer in Peace Building\, a thought leader with decades of dedicated work in the settlement of international conflicts and war. Nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize.\nJan Hurwitch\, Focuses on constructing bridges among ideas\, cultures\, groups and individuals. She has directed a five-country program for micro-enterprise training in – Jamaica\, Guyana\, Barbados\, St. Lucia and Trinidad and Tobago.\nEduard Muller\, Environmentalist\, scientist\, founder of the University for International Cooperation. A global leader in the promotion and advocacy of regenerative development and design\nMelina Angel\, An evolutionary biologist and a biomimetic\, working in regeneration and evolution at different scales\, from individuals to eco and human systems.\nAnne Stephens\, Author and Practitioner\, working with the intersects between ecological systems\, marginalisation and gender\, illuminating this awareness for all.\nJim Ritchie-Dunham\, Designs strategic systems-change frameworks and co-develops implementation processes for whole-systems\, high-leverage transformation.\nSandra Waddock\, Author of 15 books and more than 170 papers on system transformation\, new economics\, corporate responsibility\, intellectual shamanism\, and difference makers.\n\nOur approach\n\n\n\nFind out more\nContact: Karen Downes – or Rebecca Day – \nWatch interviews with some of our key speakers\n\nEduard Muller\, Costa Rican environmentalist\, scientist\, activist and founder of the University for International Cooperation\, interviewed by Karen Downes:\nAn interview with Jan Hurwitch. Jan has worked on institutional change management and conflict resolution in Mexico\, Venezuela\, Panama\, Ecuador and Haiti:\n\n\n\n\n\n URL: LOCATION:In-person at the Blue Spirit Retreat\, Costa Rica or online as part of our global virtual community ATTACH;FMTTYPE=image/jpeg: END:VEVENT END:VCALENDAR