FemmeQ Webinar

People from all over the world have now purchased and watched the FemmeQ Webinar, which provides the inspiration and tools for applying feminine intelligence in your everyday life.

These short video clips (3 to 7 minutes) are as impactful as they are educational. You will have at your fingertips tools to inspire your community, engage your friends and apply to your leadership.

What to expect of the FemmeQ Webinar?

80 clips of presentations, panels and behind the scenes interviews with change makers who are not only thinkers but also role models in action. Thomas Hübl, internationally renowned spiritual teacher, joins us to share his insights and practical tools. We believe the revaluing and honoring of the feminine qualities in all sectors of society have the power to change our world. If you’re a corporate leader, a social entrepreneur or someone who longs to make a difference… FemmeQ is where you need to be!

Be Empowered

Be empowered by women leaders from around the world who have been courageous enough to say „I don’t accept the world as it is and I am working to change it“.

Gain Insights

Gain powerful insight into how these women are impacting many of the issues you care about; corporate power, human rights, governance, peace-building, food & water.

Find Guidance

Find heart-based guidance to support you to move forward and take action on the things that matter.

Practical Tools

Over 80 clips with interviews, teachings, guided meditations and practical tools on how to reconnect with your deep feminine values and live these every day.

See what’s inside