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The FemmeQ Summit London

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March 8-9, 2018


1-2 Silex Street, London





About the Conference


Women and men around the world are awakening to the conditioning that has shaped our lives, aware of what we’ve inherited and how we’re operating in a system that no longer serves us. The way we’re working isn’t working.
FemmeQ: Feminine Intelligence is a global movement launched in 2016, when 140 people from 15 countries gathered in Berlin.

The Rise of FemmeQ
FemmeQ is the intelligence that enables us to apply our acquired knowledge and skills to address the critical issues we face in the world today. It is the capacity that allows us to be responsible guardians of humanity and our planet

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Our Keynote Speakers & Facilitators

Our speakers who are applying Feminine intelligence to their field of expertise:

Men and Women know the over-valorised masculine strengths require balancing with the marginalized feminine qualities to enable the fullness of our human potential to be realised.

Co-Founder FemmeQ. Karen has worked for over three decades as a social entrepreneur, activist for systemic change, and business consultant. She has designed and led development programmes for leaders and their teams, across all sectors of society, applying the feminine principle.

Hetty works with a creative mix of intellectual challenge, psychological insight and reflection. She has established a reputation for growing and maintaining deep personal engagement in her clients and sustained performance and purpose that extends beyond the coaching journey – and, critically, humour!

Founder The Business Plan for Peace, The Mighty Heart & Co-founder FemmeQ. Scilla is a three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee for her work with Oxford Research Group to develop effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policymakers worldwide and their critics.

Ex Global Vice President for Human Resources /Unilever, Founder of Minds @ Work. Sectors:Purposeful Leadership, Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace (London)

Dr.Tania Singer is the Director of the Department of Social Neuroscience at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig since 2010. Her research focus is on the foundations of human social behavior and the neuronal, developmental, and hormonal mechanisms underlying social cognition and emotions (e. g, empathy, compassion, and fairness).
She is recognised as a world expert on empathy and compassion.

Everyone has their own way of being a woman but I’m proud to be a woman running a business who’s sensitive about emotions and passion. I struggled as a founder, […]

Founder & CEO The Female Quotient. Sectors: Corporate Leadership, Equality, Gender Gap, Wage Gap, Girl’s Lounge, Women’s Empowerment (Los Angeles)

Rebecca is committed to bring a deep sense of wonder and curiosity to the world and harnessing the power of stories to shape a new narrative for ourselves and our future. She believes that through the power of speaking and listening, we can begin to hear each other in new ways and create different pathways forward, together. 

Who should attend this conference

The FemmeQ Webinar provides the inspiration and tools for applying feminine intelligence in your everyday life.






Summit Schedule

Dr. Scilla Elworthy

Peace Building

Co-founder of FemmeQ & Author of Business Plan for Peace - UK

Shelley Zalis

The Power of the Pack

Entrepreneur and Social Change Agent – Founder and CEO of The Female Quotient - USA

Karen Downes

Grace and Resilience

Business and Leadership – Co-founder FemmeQ & Founder of The Flourish Initiative – UK, Australia

Alexandra Feldner

The Beauty and Creativity of the Feminine

Media and Arts – Co-founder of FemmeQ, Creator of the film ‘Today I Rise’ - Germany

Hetty Einzig

Women mean Business

Author of The Future of Coaching - UK

Sam Moyo

The Feminine in Social Change

Social Entrepreneur and Activist – Founder of Morning Gloryville – UK

Geoff McDonald

Why the Balance of the Feminine is needed

Ex Global Vice president for Human Resources, Unilever, Founder of Minds@Work

Afternoon Masterclasses with our Guest Speakers


We will start the day with a forum where you as the participant will focus on the area of concern you wish to impact and gather in groups on such specific topics. It will be an interactive dialogue where you as a participant can draw on the insights and guidance of the speakers and give you the opportunity to work with your group to create a strategy and action plan.

In the afternoon we will devote our attention to providing information and lessons learned from experience in the field and in organisations as to how we can shift the current system to restore the balance of the feminine and equip you in the necessary steps that will enable you to realise your vision:

-Fundraising for your project
-Building and leading a conscious business
-The essentials of Profiling and Presentation
-Engaging  & Enabling a supportive community
-Impacting the structures and systems

We encourage you to bring your passion and join with others to design a pathway forward of inspired and practical action. We are committed that you leave these 2 days feeling encouraged, empowered and supported in turning your vision into reality.

You will be in the company of other strong and courageous women to make International Women’s Day 2018 one that you will always remember as your launch point.

  • FemmeQ feels like a much needed software update!

    Stefan Schurig

    Director Climate Energy & Cities World Future Council, Germany

  • Karen coached me over several months and helped me gain enormous clarity about my business vision, and build confidence and strategy to take it forward. She works with head and heart, from a place of deep inner awareness.

    Sophie Howarth

    Writer and Entrepreneur, co-founder with Alain de Botton of The School of Life

  • This FemmeQ Summit was the best event I have ever been to. It has truly been life changing.

    Diana Jaffé

    Gender Maketing Expert &Author, Germany

  • After these 2 days, I am blown away, inspired and energized! Ready to change the world.

    Sue Liderth

    Head of IT - Emerging Markets at ADIDAS

  • There was so much intelligence in that room – it was just mind-blowing!

    Stephanie Kelly

    Coach & Author, A Quiet Revolution,

  • I regard Hetty Einzig as one of the founders of the coaching profession and have no hesitation in recommending her. She is an excellent deliverer of Transpersonal Coaching… which I regard as the top level.

    Sir John Whitmore

    Founder and Chairman of Performance Consultants International

  • Karen Downes is an outstanding consultant and coach in ensuring individuals and organisations achieve breakthrough performance in a sustainable and ethical manner. Her clarity and sense of real purpose has lifted the personal development and team dynamics to exceptional levels to create truly high performance teams that last.

    Dr. Graham Butler

    Owner and Director, ‬
‪G Butler & Associates Limited‬

Summit Tickets

The FemmeQ Summit provides the inspiration and tools for applying feminine intelligence in your everyday life.

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How do I know this event is for me?

If you feel called to rather act than endure the poor state of our planet and humanity. If reading the news and feeling depressed is not an option anymore. If you are longing to take a stand. If you are ready to emerge in a deep process of connecting to your femininity.

What is unique about this event?

You have the opportunity to learn from international experts in an intimate environment and in small groups. Our speakers are highly skilled, their experience covers business expertise, deep inner work and spiritual practice.

What will be the personal outcome for me?

You will connect with your deep feminine wisdom and qualities in a new way. You will learn how to build and lead a conscious business, the essentials of Profiling and Presentation and Engaging & Enabling a supportive community.

How will I be able to integrate what I learned into my everyday life?

You will now be part of the FemmeQ Community, which means that you can participate in our individual coaching and online gatherings as well as support yourself with our webinars and online seminars.

Why is this so needed in the world today?

We are living in challenging times. We are living in a world full of opportunities. Together we have impact and power to make changes. Learn from women and men who made a real difference in the world and how this changed their personal lives.

About practicalities!

Buy your ticket as soon as possible. This is a small and exclusive event. You will buy your ticket via the ALTERNATIVES (London) website. Once you have your ticket you will receive our emails to update you. For more questions, please do contact us.

The Venue

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