March 8th – International Women’s Day 2022

The Politics of Waking Up

Over the past three decades, access to the internet has caused a revolution in our global society. People from all corners of the globe are connecting and mobilising. In so doing, they are waking up to the cultures and structures that have been keeping us all in thrall to a socio-economic and political system that is destroying our planet.

In this moment of multiple crises and devastation, more and more are using the feminine principle that connects us emotionally and practically to each other and to our natural world, thus opening new spaces of possibility for our complex selves to find agency for the first time. As we move from degeneration to regeneration a flourishing future becomes possible.

These and other topics are explored in Indra Adnan’s most recent book ‘The Politics of Waking Up: Power and Possibility in the Fractal Age’. She will be joined by Karen Downes, a founder of FemmeQ, and Erin Toppenberg, partner of FemmeQ, in a dialogue to witness all that is emerging in this critical time.

Indra Adnan is founder and co-initiator of the Alternative UK and a ‘pioneer of the possible’, a committed supporter of the feminine principle of interconnectedness and interdependence being expressed in all sectors of our society as the integrating principle for solving some of our most entrenched social, environmental, and political problems. 

During our time together you will:

  • Recognise how the feminine is the holder of space in which humanity can evolve
  • Become aware of how the feminine is always listening for the becoming of something new
  • Awaken to your own agency and power to bring what is yours at this time
  • Understand how to hold that space for yourself and others
  • Learn how devotion is a feminine quality and how living from this soul quality activates the heart
  • Emerge with a new perspective of what is possible for yourself and in the wider world

MARCH 8TH, 2022
3pm UK | 4pm CEST | 9am CST | 7am PST

Duration: 90 minutes

There is no set ticket price, please contribute a donation that is appropriate for you.
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Indra Adnan

Founder and co-initiator of The Alternative UK, a socio-political platform serving systemic transformation. AUK publishes a Daily Alternative news blog, develops cosmo-local agency networks (CANs) and connects planetary regeneration projects. Indra is concurrently a socio-psychotherapist, writer and consultant on soft power. Clients have included the Danish and Brazilian governments, World Economic Forum and NATO. Her book The Politics of Waking Up: Power and Possibility in the Fractal Age was a Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year in 2021. She is based in the UK and is the proud mother of a wonderful son.

Certified HeartMath trainer, a Naam Yoga instructor and Universal Kabbalistic counsellor. She awakens us to our interconnectedness and how inner peace of one has a ripple effect in others.  A co-Founder and director of The Waterbearers, which empowers women around the world by providing them with access to clean water. She has participated four times in the UN’s Commission on the Status of Women and Children. She lives in the USA and is the proud mother of her two beautiful daughters.

Co-Founder & director of FemmeQ, founder of the Flourish Initiative. She is a healer, business advisor/consultant, activist and practitioner for social and systemic change. As a social entrepreneur she has founded and led 4 successful enterprises. In the 80’s she attained multiple diplomas in alternative health care, pioneering Aromatherapy into main-stream medicine in Australia. She has worked in India and Bangladesh to end the subjugation and marginalisation of women. Her spiritual studies are based in Anthroposophy and is a trained facilitator in ‘The Work that Reconnects’. She lives in Costa Rica and is a proud mother of a daughter.

Join us in creating a field of possibility!