March 8th – International Women’s Day 2023

Feminine Intelligence Shaping our Future

Please join us for this enlivening dialogue with our guests who are catalysts for transformation. These leaders have developed a deep level of self-awareness through their spiritual practices, challenged themselves to go beyond their inherited beliefs, broken through social stigmas and norms and built a breadth of capacity that based on their stand in the world for what matters most to them. We will discuss how the future is being shaped by feminine principled leadership and women, from grassroots activism to our public institutions.

We will activate the conversation with…

Feminism is undergoing a profound development in what is now considered a post-binary, even post gender age.
With these shifts occurring how do we continue to talk about womanhood?

Awareness of the ecofeminism movement and the principles they uphold is gaining traction from those working in key areas of; environment, ecology, climate action and peace building.

What does feminine principled leadership bring that makes the difference to the challenges we face?

We believe, key to transformation at this time, is the ability to hold space for diverse perspectives regards these important topics. These women are leaders in their field; peacebuilding, politics, ecology, and right livelehood. They bring differing views and approaches to their work, all needed and valued for the difference they make in shaping our future.

MARCH 8TH, 2023
3pm UK | 7am PST | 9pm IST

Duration: 90 minutes

earth and foliage sculpture of woman sleeping