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The FemmeQ Wisdom Package

The Los Angeles Summit Recordings - June 2018

It was wonderful to gather in Los Angeles and to retreat for 2 days at the Hudson Loft, exploring the questions we are most passionate about:

  • How can we integrate the more subtle or feminine qualities like– deep care, compassion, listening, intuition, connection or collaboration into areas like politics, business, film, peace building?
  • How can we stop to associate these qualities with weakness or frailty? 
  • How can we restore a balance between intellect and intuition, facts and feelings, reason and realism?

At FemmeQ we believe that we need to fully integrate these more subtle qualities, which lie at the core of our being in women and men.  At FemmeQ we believe that we need to create a new level of consciousness and unleash a new kind of creativity, which is so needed to solve the problems we face today.

Our Featured Panelists & Workshop Leaders


Meet the women and men who are forging a new frontier across all sectors of society by applying the Feminine Qualities in their field of expertise.

Founder The Business Plan for Peace, The Mighty Heart & Co-founder FemmeQ. Scilla is a three times Nobel Peace Prize nominee for her work with Oxford Research Group to develop effective dialogue between nuclear weapons policymakers worldwide and their critics.

Co-Founder FemmeQ. Karen has worked for over three decades as a social entrepreneur, activist for systemic change, and business consultant. She has designed and led development programmes for leaders and their teams, across all sectors of society, applying the feminine principle.

Co-Founder FemmeQ, Change Maker, Creative Director – Sectors: Personal Branding, Community Building, Films for Change, Inner Work, Feminine Leadership (London – Berlin)

Stand4Peace Co-Founder and HeartMath Certified Trainer. Former Executive / adidas, FILA, Under Armour, Beyond Yoga. Sector: Sport & Wellness Industry, Mentorship, Connector, Positive Activist, Host of FemmeQ LA (Los Angeles).

Psychologist, Executive Coach, Author, International Speaker, Founder of The Mysterial Woman Initiative Sector: Psychology, Transformative Learning, Human Potential, The Deep Feminine (Seattle)

Actress, Speaker, Activist – Sector: Arts-based advising- for Foundations, Prisons Systems, Universities, National, State & Local Politicians and Governmental Departments (Los Angeles, London)

Ex Global Vice President for Human Resources /Unilever, Founder of Minds @ Work. Sectors:Purposeful Leadership, Mental Wellbeing in the Workplace (London)

Founder & CEO The Female Quotient. Sectors: Corporate Leadership, Equality, Gender Gap, Wage Gap, Girl’s Lounge, Women’s Empowerment (Los Angeles)

Award-winning filmmaker & media activist, Facilitator Sector: Film Making, Activism, uncovering and amplifying stories of the emerging paradigm, Crowdfunding (Vancouver)

Executive Coach, Speaker & Facilitator – Sector: Global-System Integration, Leadership Development, Emerging Technologies, Finance and Strategy, Planetary Sustainability (London)

Founder of Haley Consulting Group. Working along side Grammy Winners & Nominees, Award winning actors &
actresses – Sector: Music, TV, Business (Los Angeles)

Actress, Millennial, Entrepreneur & Founder of Upliftingcontent Sector: Media, Communications, Eduvation, Film, Mental Health (London, Los Angeles)

Coach, Change Agent, Founder of the Brotherhood Men’s Leadership Community & the podcast series “Reclaiming Male Role Models”. Robert leads men’s workshops internationally. (Los Angeles)

Rebecca is committed to bring a deep sense of wonder and curiosity to the world and harnessing the power of stories to shape a new narrative for ourselves and our future. She believes that through the power of speaking and listening, we can begin to hear each other in new ways and create different pathways forward, together. 

Member of the Oglala Lakota Nation, CEO of Native Americans in Philanthropy, Internationally accomplished executive focused on Education & Advocacy on behalf of Indigenous peoples. (Los Angeles)

Film & TV Director, Producer, Writer, Poet – Therapist (Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, trained in Norway & Munich, using the IoPT method. (Los Angeles)

Author, Speaker & Founder of Creative Visions – Sectors: Films for Change, Film and Television Production (Los Angeles)

Writer/ Film Director ( of a diverse body of award-winning dramas and documentaries, including “In Utero”) Social Activist & Change Maker, Mother (Los Angeles, Hawai)

Adjunct Professor at USC Marshall School of Business, Brand Architect, Experience Designer & Business development expert Sector: Investment and Consumer Brand Ecosystems (Los Angeles)

CEO The Bodhi Tree, Change agent, Trend spotter Sector: Environment, Social and Wellness Innovations at corporations (Los Angeles)

Transformational Coach, Creative Producer, former World-Class Sailor, Sector: Social Innovation Labs, Large-Scale Community Art Projects, Dance, Art, Film & Healing (Los Angeles, Quebec)

Who should attend this conference

The FemmeQ Webinar provides the inspiration and tools for applying feminine intelligence in your everyday life.






Summit Tickets

The FemmeQ Summit provides the inspiration and tools for applying feminine intelligence in your everyday life.

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How do I know this event is for me?

If you feel called to rather act than endure the poor state of our planet and humanity. If reading the news and feeling depressed is not an option anymore. If you are longing to take a stand. If you are ready to emerge in a deep process of connecting to your femininity.

What is unique about this event?

You have the opportunity to learn from international experts in an intimate environment and in small groups. Our speakers are highly skilled, their experience covers business expertise, deep inner work and spiritual practice.

What will be the personal outcome for me?

You will connect with your deep feminine wisdom and qualities in a new way. You will learn how to build and lead a conscious business, the essentials of Profiling and Presentation and Engaging & Enabling a supportive community.

How will I be able to integrate what I learned into my everyday life?

You will now be part of the FemmeQ Community, which means that you can participate in our individual coaching and online gatherings as well as support yourself with our webinars and online seminars.

Why is this so needed in the world today?

We are living in challenging times. We are living in a world full of opportunities. Together we have impact and power to make changes. Learn from women and men who made a real difference in the world and how this changed their personal lives.

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